Green Hypnotic – Robin BLVD
Genre Rap

Robin BLVD


This year I can’t play safe
Gunnin for the first place
Ain’t no turning back
It’s best to stay out of my way-way
Gotta keep my head straight
Focused on this paper chase
Robin Boulevard
My block is hotter than wasabi
Niggas know my body
I can’t trust nobody
Niggas catching bodies
We in a pandemic, I can’t even see my family
Wasn’t for the music, I think i’d be going crazy

Verse 1

East Side LVL, this is Robin Boulevard
Where the youngn’s trap
Buss some raps or maybe play basket ball
I swear they ain’t scared of shit
They be on that drillin’ shit
I suggest you don’t come here, cuz ‘round here you’ll become a lick
Young G’s don’t do quarantines
Scammin’ for a pair of jeans
Thеy just wanna to flex
Tryna go viral just like JPS
Stackin for a GTS
Swervin on ‘еm like a ninja
Lowkey, lowkey
I move like a soldier
Never hang with strangers
Not afraid of danger
Got the holy spirit with me
So I fear no danger
Life is not a game y’all
Youngns think they playin’ Doom
They all really strapped
And they’re snatching souls like Shang Tsung
Niggas gettin’ cocky
They bring they poles in schools too
Niggas gettin’ sloppy
They blast they poles ‘round kids too
I suggest you niggas act right, protect yo’ family
Don’t you ever play yourself, cuz life is not a game B


Verse 2

All my young dudes from zone 2 be savages
Movin’ reckless like savages
Spin the block like straight savages
They don’t like school, and they all bumping that youngboy
Swear these young dudes got mo’ baby mommas then youngboy
Sippin’ on that lean, got’em feelin’ like DJ Screw
These kids be actin’ fool, like Makaveli in Juice
All this money on table, what the hell you want ‘em to do?
Bodies droppin’ everyday what they hell you want ’em to do?
See these guns go ra-pa-pa-pom just like a drum
This type of shit is no fun
I almost cough up a lung
This shit got me stressed cuz
These kids could be my sons
And I really got the guts to talk about it on a song
See me
I’m not a street nigga
I’m thugged out though
I just stay on the side walks, i’m fine with just rap though
Attract the baddies with my glow
Plus homie i’m that woke
My nigga Sapp thought me the game
This shit’s like tic-tac-toe
Let’s go


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