Green Hypnotic – All Love
Genre Rap

All Love


It’s all love
Hey, hey

Verse 1

It’s all love homie, you are forgiven
Fuck beef, i’m so sick and tired of all this friction
I’m honestly a different dude
With million dollar views
There’s some tension between our crews
But who wins when the family feuds?
Man, I’m done with the ego shit
Fuck the macho shit
We grown, as haitians we s’pose to thrive and shit
I ain’t here to talk about money, fuck all the flex
There’s people strugglin’ around us, homie wе’re truly blessed
Lеt’s make these chess moves
Break this bread like we used to
Buy back the block for our kids like we s’posse to
Back on the block we be the ones they call the who’s who
They always show us love, we the ones the youngn’s look up to
It’s pretty cool
It’s win or lose
We’re stronger together, so what you want do?
I mean let’s squash that, make a bunch of money
We the young fly homies from the east side homie, Wassup?


It’s all love
They say that time heal wounds
We all grown so
It’s all love
It’s all love
They fronted on me way back
And done stabbed me in the back
But I
Forgave y’all
Cuz homie it’s all love

Verse 2

I’m in my zone now
Feelin’ grown now
I’m blessed, done with holdin’ these grudges now
Checking in with yourself, is setting you free, now
Honesty without kindness is cruelty, now
Humility makes a difference, it’s plain to see
My creed’s, chasing peace
At full speed, homie please
We can talk about a lot of shit
But if you really want to fix this
Go kill yo’ ego and shit
Ease up on the violence shit
Growth is to know when to slow down
Sun up ’til sun down
Staying on the block everyday is a letdown
Focus on your craft and your goals and stay down, I
Stay true to myself
I do get to the bag
But i’m more focused on health
My family’s everything
Homie i’m honestly blessed
Now why would I flex
When all I did was wish you the best


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