Got Dem Joints – Questionmark Asylum
Genre Rap

Got Dem Joints

Verse 1Mistafiss

She was only 17, she had a freaky dream
To get older guys she would scheme
She wants to get in those pants
To be involved with the simple dance of romance
But there's one thing she didn't know
That her man was an undercover ho
I thought you knew
That's the way it is I was told
Everything that shatters ain't gold ya know
"Can you come closer" she says
He didn't really think he's in the pants
[Why's that?
She went in the Red Roof hotel
Yet she had no motel
Thought he was getting sicker cause he was contaminated
Of course he wouldn't conversate a bit
Now it's time to go to bed


But you know that you got those joints
Trying to front like you don't know the deal
Trying to front like that AIDS ain't for real
You play games who can get the most points
But you know that you got those joints
But you don't want your friends to know
So you remain to be an undercover ho
You play games who can get the most points
But you know that you got those joints

Check it out, check it out
Another fly episode straight from the Questionmark cause this is worldwide

Verse 2Rosta Swann

Welcome to the world of AIDS
It's an epidemic where the death toll is printed on the front page
Looky, looky
This cookie from around the way
We be cool so I hit that everyday
But since you can never tell from the outer shell
Where the booty been, yo we wraps it in aluminum
She says, "I'm clean. Nigga is you crazy?"
Last thing on my mind now-a-days is making a baby
Just imagine the sexual assassin seducing the victim
Ruining the immune system
Cause you hit them skins raw
"You don't trust me Rosta"
No shit
[The next time spread on the bed like butter use a rubber
Cause they might just have them joints
[Safe sex isn't safe sex without the latex]



Rosta]: Oow, oow, Mista yo. Look at her over there by the bar
[Mistafiss]: Talk about mad sex appeal
[Rosta]: Yo um, tell the bartender to send her a couple of drinks and tell her to come here
[Mistafiss]: Gotta get with that for real
[Rosta]: Aye man, she's winking at me, what should I say? What should I do?
[Mistafiss]: Thinking of a plan how to do this
[Rosta]: Let me step over there and get her a drink. Let me just step over there and talk to her
[Mistafiss]: let's let's do this
[Rosta]: Yo man she gots to go home with me man


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