Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye) – Solomon Burke
Genre Pop

Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)

Goodbye baby, so long girl
I know you ain't gonna like it
But I'm stepping right out in your world
For I'm coming to your party
And I won't be able to stay
But I'm gonna kiss you one more time Lord
Then I'm going away
Goodbye baby hmm, baby goodbye hmm

You may be lonely yeah you may be hurt
Like a fool I gave you candy
You turned around and treated me like dirt
But still I'm gonna come to your party

And just before the break of day
I'm gonna touch you one more time Lord
Then I'm going away
Sing it to me again
Goodbye baby hmm ha, baby goodbye

Look out, what you see?
I see a train a-coming
A train a-coming down the long lonesome track
I'll tell you girl I gotta go on home now
But deep down in your heart
You know that someday I'm, I'm coming back
And I'm gonna look for you at your party
'Cause all the time I know that I'll find you there
And listen I'm gonna dance with you
One more time oh yeah
Sing it to me tonight now
Goodbye baby sing it sweet baby goodbye

Lord, you're singing so sweet tonight Goodbye baby
Goodbye baby baby baby baby goodbye
I'll see you around sometime, Lord Goodbye baby...

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