Good Day, Good Sir (Interlude) – André 3000
Genre Rap

Good Day, Good Sir (Interlude)

Spoken Word VerseAndré 3000 & Bentley Fonzworth

Ahhh, such sweet sound
The Fiddler on the Fuckin' Roof
Is that Mr. Bentley Fonzworth?
Indeed, it is, sir
Good day, good sir
How do you do? Look fine
Fantastically well, I am certainly not fine by far
But you could say I'm close to spectacular
Close to spectacular? How so?
Open your eyes, spectacular's right in front of you
Whatever you say, you're spectacular
No, I'm fantastically well
Come on, man, make up your mind
A minute ago, you said you were fine
No, I said I'm "close to spectacular"
But I'm meetin' fine in a minute
Close to spectacular? You said you were "fantastically well"
Exactly? Which one are you?
"Close to spectacular" or "fantastically well"?
I am certainly and without a doubt fantastically well
And was close to spectacular
But I must say, good sir, you just pissed spectacular off
And don't even mention "exactly"
But here comes "fine" right now
Oh Lord, she is fine

Spoken Word OutroUnnamed Woman, Bentley Fonzworth &


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