Gomillz – Couldn't Mill
Genre Rap

Couldn't Mill

Yeah, Yeah
We gon’ start the year off right
Let’s get Frank!

Aye tho, look
Aye, know I’m sorry for the wait
Only rapper bat a thousand from the plate
Make a thousand jumpers straight
Make a thousand winning plays
I got verses in the safe that reserved for me and Frank
I’m better at every turn
Might fire at yo’ funeral, the ushers gon’ let it burn
You bargained for the usual, my dawg you’ve been misinformed
You might wanna get concerned
You know that I’m not the one
Shе claims that she’s down to come
She kick it to Gomillz, it’s to thе crib like a punt return
Stand on business like it’s religion, when will they learn?
I flew over the nest of the ferns
And landed where all of the roses had thorns
From the time I was born
I paint pictures in the beauty with words
Cause my mind can take me higher than plane or a bird
Lord knows, I never missed on a verse
Lord knows, I go completely bizerk and put a beat in a hearse
A problem, Frank you know I got ‘em
Since you retired, guess I’m done with features
These other rappers, I just don’t believe ‘em
They asking’ me, “is it music or speeches?”
I’m in tune with the Meech’s
You just room with the leeches
Give ‘em the game, cause when I’m gone that’s all I can leave ‘em
I remember who got it wrong and all the nonbelievers
On these songs I become a demon
Don’t want a throne, I want the heads of all your kings and leaders
Use to run in my Buick like a one hundred meters
Kept it cool, cause I knew Rell always gon’ keep a heater
Yeah, yeah, look, made my way from the bleachers can’t shut me out
Superfly like Curtis Mayfield while ducking a drought…
It’s too easy baby
Yeah Gomillz
Yeah, yeah, look aye Frank let Curtis Mayfield sing us out man
I couldn’t miss with a dozen roses, boy…..

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