Genre Rap


[Verse 1]

Tell me now
What the fuck?
Do my songs represent?
I comprehend the bullshit
And I apprehend the true shit
Recommend the good shit
And I condescend the new shit
Figure out my life and dig myself a grave
To fucking rot till sunsets come with rain
Then smoke a fucking fatty
While your bitch gon call me daddy
Pop another addie
Turn from happy to a saddy

[Verse 2]

Blowing through my packs like Smith & Wesson Stacks, I numb up so I last
I can't lose my past
I can't choose my cast
Running I'm not fast
C4 bout to blast
How'd you dare to ask?
Packing all my shit I'm packing double
Triple six dumb hoes, no loands
I fuck your bitch she moans
She now be playing stick & stones
My dick shake her bones
No zones
Learn my do’s and don’ts
Screaming out my pose
It's just how life goes

[Verse 3
I double up my dose
Till I see my nose
Drowning all my lows
Won’t fall for nothing
Time is what i froze and moments all that slows me down from chaos
God, he knows that imma take whatever fuck he throws
Black cold heart
Way too scared to feel
What deal you seal
I don’t think it’s real
I can have her back but knowing all myself too well
I'm gon lose my track, stack
Searching ways to hack

[Hook x8]

Black plaque, smoking now on crack
Barely fucking standing I just pulled a jack

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