God Is Good – Young Misty
Genre Rap

God Is Good


If I can take a loss, I never lose ayy
I don't think I’m worst then that shoot ayy
God is great, God is good ayy
Baby, I be counting all these blessings dude yeah yeah
Take a nigga take a nigga take a nigga
My bitch slither my bitch slither my bitch slither


There's people alot of them, I won't get beaten
Young MC, I spit fire, y’allabout to get heaten
You know I be pulling shits with no gas money
Told you you can't hide it with mad money
I just brought a Lambo, cash money



Bitch, I'm a G, bitch you can't see
Young nigga mad cause I been getting chicks
Pull up, skrrrt, nigga, grrah, pow pow pow


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