God Has Failed Us – No Victory

God Has Failed Us

So this is where it all ends
The weak die on their knees
Praying they see a light to make their eyes bleed
The wicked will run this earth while they shove shit in our cuts
And then we all know god has failed us
Where is your god when its your time to die
You seek salvation but in blood you must pay
There is no compromise if you refuse to change
Your demons drag you to your grave and forever your body decays
Purify the wounds of the sinner
All praise the righteous killer
As your blood grows thinner
The fires rages in the winter
Your faith has you corrupted
One of the millions who suffered
Is this the kingdom you seek nothings there you've been deceived
I can't blame you, you were born into lies
I've seen this a hundred times but you haven't even tried
So this is where it all ends the weak die on their knees
So this is where it all ends the weak will bleed

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