Glass Hammer – The Key
Genre Rock

The Key

The Key lyrics

Wake now, rise now, climb now
Or be forever fallen
He spelled me, felled me, held me
But now I’m free so up I go

Up there, somewhere, I’ll find a devil with a dagger raised
Cruel fate, too late, to save her
But not too late strike him down
And she is the joy we chase, we search for
Can’t quite ever find

And the sword is hope that comes from without by divinе design, not from within
Up there, his lair, bеat down the door and now I have him cornered
He casts, his last, hell blast
And then he sees the sword I carry

“Now you’ll die and this world’s rid of you
Though I know more will come
With your dying breath you’ll tell me where you have hidden her”

Now he just laughs
“You can’t find her in this life
In this world
You’ve merely brought me the key”

He wants my sword, this dark lord
And now I have delivered it
Lies, lies, all lies, I am trapped
He lured me here with visions of her
Tragic magic, I dreamed of a love that never was
Yet hope must win even when our monsters claim a victory
So with Terminus I’ll strike him till he can laugh no more
And I swear that whether she’s real or not I will search the world through
She’s real to me

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