Girl Talk – Fallin'
Genre Rap


Feat. Bas

Are you enticed well try your luck like shootin dice
A hockey puck, my heart is ice
I go to heights seldom seen
N’ tell the truth not sellin dreams
I been there too
I made it through
I could’ve screamed
I play the mute
Relay my truth
You play a stream
I don’t recoup
I never stoop
My art is gold
My heart is more
This industry like carnivores n’ cannibals n’ herbivores n’ fuck it niggas eating anything
Trying to sever you from the better you
I just bought my bitch a wedding ring
Money my wife and we don’t fight
Now cheers to new beginnings
Nigga that’s life I run the red lights bitch ima proven winner
Dealer man pull up run a new pill up I had two for dinner
I had Wheaties for breakfast bassy a champion baby tell me again who the best was
Woke up n said fuck the world my new bitch fuckin on me
I put my dirt in my verses so they got nothin on me
You hearin’ something that’s otherwise from other guys and u believe it you none the wiser

Show out
Show sold out
Go out
I don’t need no ID
Slow I
So slow I
Fall in
Dunno how low I be

Cut the tension with a ginsu knife
It get hard to handle but it get u right
Priceless lessons falling to me perfect blessings
Read intentions clear I’m never second guessing
I’m ready born to ball
My chic is ready too
She dressing for the ball
Giuseppe on her shoes
It’s scary where we grew up
Only a few of us privy to life
I used to think that we the ones livin it right

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