Gimme it
No give it to me

Verse 1wilson

How the fuck you think I’ll make it if I’m this timid
And I ain’t make it that far, this just the first scrimmage
I'm not scared, I’m committed, I gamble till’ it’s finished
Press my luck, I know that every chance ain’t a given
I put my girlfriend on my own album yes bitch I’m bold
Why the fuck you think shooters come to my solo shows
I broke from my old relationships, I felt controlled
Never fold, I always take way more than I can hold

Verse 2William

They all told me I can’t be a man
Never grow up like I’m Peter Pan
Now I’m balling like I'm Mia Hamm
Drop the album and then we advance
Hit opponents with a headshot
Give em acne with the red dot
Ninja Turtles how they shell shocked
Boring rappers making TED talks
Move states like I'm Dred Scott
Ain't no stopping when I get hot
Red shirt like I’m Prescott
Head popped then you get dropped
Chillin with my dawg PetSmart
Posted up like a roadblock
We be working like a sweatshop
Death Grips how you Get Got


No, give it back
No seriously give it to me, give it to me
Give it back
Open the pit, open this shit up
Yeah yeah

Verse 3Avi

12 Pulling up at midnight
Packing people feeling all skin tight
Couldn’t find his ass made the pigs fight
That’s a good show it’s a good life
Never fucked with me till big knife
Unreleased shit for the inside
Don’t talk to me tryna get mine
Real niggas never really switch sides

Verse 4William

I tried to climb to the top it ain’t fair
My dad always calling me upstairs
Life’s broken had to sew up the tears
How come everything that’s mine is theirs
Too much shit on my plate I can’t bear
I know that I’m falling feel it in the air
I don’t really know if people care
Tryna make through life better say you a prayer


You know when like
When you always chasing something?
Nah, like when you chasing it right
And you get there, and it don't feel completed?
Then you play this game inside your head
Where you always need more than what you actually have
Cause what you have isn’t enough

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