GetRichZay – Got My Fye

Got My Fye

Got My Fye lyrics

Lyrics from Snippet


Opp nigga bitch from the back and it's aight, she tryna push me back [Try push me back
One shot to the middle of his motherfuckin' face, he tried to push me back [Tried push me back
Shell catcher, you know I don't leave no trace, we got cutters straight [Got cutters straight, aight, come on
Nigga kept playin' with gang, kept dissin' that six, got knocked off the map [Got knocked off the map
I don't fuck with that 6.72 or that .300 Blackout, we takin' shit out [We takin' shit out, yeah
This bitch tryna keep talkin', she runnin' her mouth, get the fuck out the house [Get the fuck out the house
So much shooters on feet when we hop in that car, get the fuck out the South [We get the fuck out the South, aight, come on
So much switches on Glock, when we catch as an opp, we whoopin' him out [We whoopin' him out, aight, come on
Bitch keep trollin', my name in this mouth, get this bitch and whoopin' her out [And I'm whoopin' her out
Ain't tryna catch you a hat in this bitch, why the fuck you keep pullin' it out? [Why you pullin' it out?
Tryna suck dick in the booth, on gang, she keep pullin' it out [Gang, she pullin' it out, phew, aight, come on, yeah, uh
Got your gun? Bitch, I got my fire [Got that fire
He on IG, keep on trollin', he must be ready to die

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