Dick lyrics


Dick, dick
Dick, dick
Dick, dick
Dick, dick


Tell her to get off my dick, unless, she gobble with spit
I think I just hit a lick, I'm talking 'bout diamonds and bricks
I do not play with the shoes, I drop a whole stacks on my kicks
But if I come checking for you, then you know I been with the shits
I'm going crazy, tell 'em to pay me, give me like eighty
I am so dope, I cut it like coke, I ride it so wavy
It's sticky and tasty, right
Cover like pasties, right
They know I'm the best, he talking his shit, I tell him to race me, right
She all on my dick tonight
Thinking she slick tonight
I am the best, hit up my phone, I'm coming through dripped in ice
Don't bring me no kryptonitе
They feeling so victimize
You run up on me, I'll pokе your ass up and then I'm a twist the knife
Tell 'em to pick a side, ain't fucking with flip's, alright!!?
It's young germ, follow the terms, you swallowing dick tonight?
I think he just picked a fight, this nigga so sissified
I hit up his bitch, I pulled my dick out, I got her so hypnotize


Dick, dick
Dick, dick
She got her hands on my, she want to suck on my
Dick, dick
Dick, dick
She is a fan of mine, she want a pic of my
Dick, dick
Dick, dick
Dick, dick
Dick, dick


When I come through in that truck, that Bentley truck
Niggas know what the fuck it is!
Brrrttttt, All that, Mmhahahahaha
No, but, really
Shout out Starboi3, holding it the fuck down
Mmhahahaha, I don't know
Y'all know I had to talk my shit at the end

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