George Kollias – Buried Under the Flames
Genre Death Metal, Rock

Buried Under the Flames

‎"ελέους την άβυσσον η τετοκiαν
Ελέησον οίκτιρον την εμήν ασθένειαν θεοχαρήτοτε και χειραγώwiσον προς ρως της κατανύsεως"

This is your Nemesis
Which comes to satisfy
This is fate and time
And not just an illusion in your mind

Days of darkened skies
With drawn clouds raining lies
I've come to spread the sickness upon you
Urging your body and soul
To walk the path of thorns
I've come to spread the sickness upon all

Here comes the last cry
That fades in misery
Those who failed shall stay sentenced in the fortress of weakness
Sinners shall burn in lies
And get buried under the flames
I've come to spread the sickness upon all

As skies turn to black and beauty fades
Your dreams are burning in sins and lies
I hear the voice of weakness, I smell the fear within
My will be done, I lay my rage upon your shredded soul

No remorse means no return
I am the sun of hope who lights your trail
Behold the lord of justice that damned you to your grave
Living the afterlife you'll wish I'll let you born again, nevermore!‎

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