•I’ve been thinking. What if one of people I’ve collabed with, In this past year just rip my ideas and imagery from me. I was just getting out my box but in retrospect, I should’ve just kept to myself, because fuck everyone I worked with before, Pepperjack on an adoptive cross. And just know if you steal from me, you’re uncreative and your art is a necked albatross. If you gain any success instead of being a potholed addict, then you’ll be a future concrete hack, juxtaposed to a future artistic, diamond crack in the wall. I hope you amount to nothing. Say something Say something, no you won’t. And stay that way, you were disappointed in not being anything. Just stole ideas and not thinking of my artistic value, saying I could “help” with it, when it was a collab project. Bitch shut the fuck up, you know i’ve trying to get at you for the past months, but here I am. Keep playing your cheap electric guitar orphaned weed head. This is a statement to branch out and forget what we made, and to move on to other things

[Fuck them trying to make a tv show
I sent you a text explaining
All of this
You didn’t respond
Guess I wasn’t wrong
Let the birds call
After 2019
I’m not shut off.°

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