GenoDa1 – Someone Else
Genre Rap

Someone Else

Verse 1: Ya mind focused on old times and old lies
Shit we never got back to but we both tried
You still hurt and i see the signs
You textin’ hopin I'm doing fine
I reply back “im doing straight” just so i don't feel bad and you can keep the faith
About being together it hurts I'm being fake ‘cause I know that my feelings already been erased
So take me out the picture ‘cause i know im not the one I don’t plan to be with ya
All i did was play it wrong and now i gotta fix her ‘cause shes broken from the hurt when shes gone i don’t miss her
Yeah its cruel but its truth only thing i speak
Really hope you understand this is me
And im all for a conversation i just hope you movin’ on don’t wanna see you waitin


Verse 2: spliff smokin, spliff ashin
I smoke more now ‘cause honestly this shit is tragic
Look i ain't mean for all this shit to happen
I just ain't use my heart now im stuck in traffic
Tryna get my mind straight from this dead weight
This girls heart is a ton i gotta keep pace
Im runnin out of time and i know it
I Got real feelings i gotta show it
Before its to late
‘Cause shes falling inlove while my heart is somewhere else i know its gone be rough
But i gotta keep it real there can never be us
Im inlove with someone else what we have is
Just lust so when i say can't do this
Can't do it
Im sorry baby girl you might lose it
But im down for a conversation
I just hope you movin on
Dont wanna keep you waitin

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