Geekami Collective – No Cap
Genre Rap

No Cap

Feat. ItzKy

No Cap lyrics


Melo on the beat, dropping heat
36, you so crazy

Verse 1

Sellin all da Xannies, I been seein' all da fiends out
She jus' want da tip, her head crazy like she senile
She get passed to my bros, got caught up like a rebound
Call up lil cuz now you posted on a tee now
I could take ya bitch n hit that hoe wit' my beam out
Shit purple like my lean these hollows knock ya whole team out
Ooh, why you bitches sleepin' on me
Her head in my lap she slobbin' n she tweakin' on it
Pack hella' strong like I'm liftin demons off it
Opps hittin' back blunt got me wheezin' coffin
Maybe I should jus' sit back n chill out, smokin' on rеal loud
Call me Pillsbury cause i'm only on my bill route
Dough to thе ceilin', could say I broke the fill valve
How I'm I really feelin, Go ahead n ask yo bitch how
Yeah, yeah go ahead and ask yo bitch how
Go ahead and ask yo bitch how


Yeah, yeah, Imma Come n beat yo bitch down
Come n beat yo bitch down
Imma break her back in, Imma have her runnin' from the dick like its Madden
Rappers say they top 10 but really jus a fraction
Imma box 'em up and I ain't talkin' bout no slappin
Imma box' em up and I ain't talkin' bout no slappin
Have em posted all up on da gram wit' no captions

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