GAWNE – Ghosts
Genre Rap



Wide Awake
Tryna not come down from this high
I've been innocent my whole life
Now I let these ghosts
I let me ghosts back in

Verse 1

Wake up in cold sweats as I’m laying in bed
I'm not a pagan I don't summon or awaken the dead
But still I’m feeling something coming heart'll race in my chest
Raising my stress
Man I really should be taking my meds
Cause I can hearing calling me the demons again
It's why I'm always tryna get up out the voice in my head
I think it's been a few years
Since I made any friends
I'm making amends
With nobody
No I rather bе seeking revenge
Yеah revenge is sweet
I tend to be a little bit mental with a propensity
To end the beef
And I ain't talkin' squashing shit
Nah I’m talking rest in peace
My enemies have been fed to the blender the beast
Will dismember these MC’s
Then I freeze em' like the December breeze
I do not have any empathy
I’m not a man I'm an entity


Wide Awake
Tryna not come down from this high
I've been innocent my whole life
Now I let these ghosts
I let me ghosts back in

Verse 2

Let my ghosts in
Heart is so cold man it's frozen
Struggle to feel these emotions
What’s even real anymore I don't know
I don't know shit-
Worshipping nonsense I'm not a god I am godless
Gotta be an oddity honestly what about it?
You said your opinion
I'm never gon' fit in
Ain't winning or getting no women
I got I get it I'm kinda pathetic forget it
They never gon' let me in this industry so regardless
Throw me in the can like I'm garbage
I'm not a man I'm a martian
Living in the garden
Single one bedroom apartments
All of this pain that harness
Been through the hardships
I'm finding comfort in darkness
And this is for Darwin
Kill or be killed pop a pill and refill I deliver the carnage
Ain't no one iller foreal I'm finna be giving em' chill every time an alarmist
This is the part where I'm scaring you bury you deep
As you scream and you weep
And the demons appear in your sleep
But there's no one to hear you not even a peep
Look I'm peering through windows and gearing to feast
I been stalking my prey
I been near you for weeks
Now I'm skinning my victims
I sheer em' like sheep
It's not fiction or folklore
Awaken the beast

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