Genre R&B


Woke up this early, early in the morning
Cause I might get an answer from her
Got my teeth brushed, clothes washed, shoes shined, car waxed
I know that nothing could go wrong
I've been waiting for this day
To officially call you my babe
Today is gonna be a good day

Been friends for a long time
Smooth and the rough times
You know I'm always right there beside
Whenever we're far apart, loneliness jumpstarts
I need you, I just can't say it loud
I don't have the courage to say that I'm missing you every day
Girl, with you, is always a good day

Now I'm at your front door, too afraid to call
First, I need to practice the words
I just need to compose, write it on a paper
So I won't go stuttering on the confessions I'm 'bout to say
Here goes nothing I'mma wring your bell
A man appeared and said you ain't home

Guess I'll come back some other day

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