G $Money – Body (Remix)
Genre Rap

Body (Remix)

Megan Thee Stallion:

Real hot girl shit
And if the beat live, you know Lil Ju made it


Ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody [Mwah
Body crazy, curvy, wavy, big titties, lil' waist [Yeah, yeah, yeah
Body crazy, curvy, wavy, big titties, lil' waist [Mwah

G $Money verse 1

Stop drop roll into my bed girl
Before I put it in give me head first
I ain’t sick but I heard you a head nurse
On my dick you
As if
You afraid to dead first
Body banging
That ass come with a jiggle
If you on top
I’m gonna have
To suck a nipple
If The haters get one chick
I get triple
Ain’t gotta spend a damn nickel

G $Money verse 2

Show me what that mouth do
Oh you a freak
But you got a cute pout to
Shе got ass and tits
Ain’t gotta chose
Megan with those knees
You could nеver lose
She hit me up
Saying she wanna feel used
That’s when she starts sending
Me the nudes
Just being rude
Girl you know what to do

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