Genre Rap


Play me like a dummy, telling lies
I don't wanna see your fucking eyes
I don't wanna go, I don't wanna stay
Fucking up my life, fly a-motherfucking-way

God damn, I'm the man
Get yo' motherfucking cam
This is it
I'm just waiting till my bank account fuller than a tent
I don't know what you mean, cus' I'm motherfucking clean
And I'm so super nice, get a shot, cus' I bite
Like them motherfucking mice
Like we hella fucking nice

I don't know what the fuck you mean when you say I'm broke
Mentally I'm richer than you motherfucking hoped
Mentally I'm smarter than the motherfucking pope
And I'm mentally unstablе, but it's cool I got money on my stove

What the fuck you mеan, I play her like poker
Like blackjack and fucker her right after
You sound so dumb, like a motherfucking pastor
I'm your new god and your master
Tell me your lies, tell me your lies
I'm the one who makes you scream in a mic
Underground, like a scene in a heist
I'm so slept on, now open your motherfucking eyes

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