E2 98 86 2punch P Okayypablo E2 80 8bfunnycore

☆ 2PUNCH p. okayypablo lyrics

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May 28, 2023

☆ 2PUNCH p. okayypablo lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm back from the dead
I'm back from the grave, yeah
Deadzone better back up
Put a green pill in the red cup
Fill up my nose with the white stuff, for real
I don't like you, I dont like bums, no
To all my friends this an anthem
808s banging with the big drums
To all your friends this a blueprint, hah
Hah, if I give the keys, better use it
Mad shit in my move list
Comin' at the wrong way, leave you toothless

I'm hit
You up?
I'm dead
All these fakes keep on fuckin' with my head
They say funny how you up? Cuz I did
I'm dead
I'm dead
I'm dead
You win
I'm dеad
I'm dead
I'm dead
You winded, I'm dеad
[Verse 2]
Dive ball, Imma dive in
Move to a new pin
Secured off the two steps
100 strangers, i got 2 friends
Hell, hell, hell, hell, hell
Fuck 'em all
Hell, hell, hell
Made it out the back and built a wall
Hell, hell, hell, hell, hell
So tall
Hell, hell
Hang it from my neck to my draws
Spilled blood on my tee
Cash out then I leave
I be feelin like the shit, someone pass me the febreze
Call me chris cross how these motherfuckers switch up
In the pear trees hangin' with the fuckin' turtle doves
Water, water, water, call me fuckin' piplup
Couldn't use my hands, so I had to fuckin' kick up
One bullet in the chamber got me fuckin' pinched up
Bezos, dont need a fuckin' start up
‎Star, star, star, star, straight to heaven
Huh, on god, this is nine eleven
Headshot, kill, tyler ninja blevins
And they know my name when they fuckin' bettin'
'Bouta kill them all with my fuckin' skill
Had to brawl for the fuckin' win
Stick to my face, Imma boutta spin
Call me funny 'cause I never trip