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August 8, 2023

nyaa~ _ lyrics

Verse 1: vbox, b8r
I'm a good boy looking for a cat girl
And it feels I've been alone all my life
I always cry myself to sleep

Girl, I'll make sure that won't ever happen again
Wagging my tail
Just for you
I just wanna cuddle with you
Don't want to do anything else
Give me head pats
And love me forever
Ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah

Chorus: antichristclyde
I feel
That I will never heal
You tear open my seals
My eyes are turnin' teal
I pray for something real
I guess I'll never change
Knees bleedin' in the rai
You make me feel insane
Yeah, I will never change

Verse 2: vbox, b8r
I love when you lie right next to me

And you were the one
That I've been looking for
All my life
All my life
I've been looking for you
Efil ym lla
And whenever you're not around
I'll always be there

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