Fumez The Engineer, T Scam – T Scam X Fumez the Engineer - Plugged in, Pt. 2
Genre Drill, Rap, Uk, Uk Drill, Uk Rap

T Scam X Fumez the Engineer - Plugged in, Pt. 2

IntroYevz & T Scam

Plugged In with Fumez [Kxhn Beats], man, big up my boy T.Scam, man
This ain't nothing but entertainment, man
Free all my brothers incarcerated, man, woosh [Chee on the beat
Yevz too greazy, you already know, man, a hundred degrees for me, step A way or no way, suwoo
Yeah, you know the fucking vibe, man, I ain’t gotta talk too much
Leave me out of the mix, free my fucking family, suwoo, look


It's Big T.Scam like where have you been?
I been outside, not online, tryna drop guys with a mash, no beam
The gun jammed up, they ran as a team [Pussy
First time I slapped that .224, imagine what I do with a glee
Left him fighting for his life in the ocеan
Still don't know how he swam by the sea
Onе Sided Story got other side ending
In my Plugged In, I ain’t talking 'bout benching
I'm talking 'bout how he went fencing and hit man, grabbed him, drenched him, benched him
Yeah, I got caught on the lack by 4 guys, go ask the streets if I been on a next ting
C2 love talk on my name, last time we locked eyes, I tried kweff him
In One Side, don't ask where they're from
Recognise faces, shoot, Lebron
Middle of the field like Frenkie de Jong
With my .44 long, don't care if you're strong
Done him in seconds, it didn’t take long
Paramedics beat on his chest, King Kong
Smoking on Culps, high cong
Got left by his bros and went up wrong
Really and truly, I ain’t gotta trust shit
But talking to pigs, they taking the piss
Got proof for the lies, leave me out of the mix
Try decamp my ting, I flipped that script
But the lies and the lies and the lies won't stick
Ask him if I really spoke on him
He’s home in a sec, and when he comes home, I'ma load up the brrt and smoke his wig
If I up my arm, you gonna hear a bang after
SB's fast, but we run faster
We got down 2, that was nothing but laughter
On the way back like hee-hee-ha-ha
And to think they try cancel me like Balenciaga
In my wap, two Duracell batts
I'm fully on volts so I don’t need no charger
Just seen 6, bro put it on reverse
If he tripped up, woulda put him in a hearse
Lil' man got put in the coffin
He's alive, he got done up worse
Caught up and copied what broski done
Why? 'Cah broski got there first
Rash got burst and Reckz got burst
And Gucc' got burst, but that one's cursed
Broadday bad man like Tommy from Powers
Stop talking on Sus, you just sound sour
I get it though, had you fresh home at your young G's grave layin' down bare flowers
Ask my bros if I get that drop out
I'll end it in minutes, I don't need hours
Pull up, skrrt, do man dirt
Grab some petrol and have me a shower [Skrrt, skrrt
Gamble your life or tek that
Free S, Mr. Put Blade in Neckbacks
Free Yevz, hopped out, run up on the video shoot
Rip my man's chest so you know they have to end that [No cap
Yeah, yeah, I took a quick setback
Had me spending 'nough time in jet black [Huh
Anytime I hopped out, them man ran, so I tapped that ting then sped back [True
A .357 all I got on my wishlist
I'm outside, tryna take off my hitlist
My man has a debt, he owes me blood
So I just add my man to the ticklist
When we added white boy to the diplist
Me and bro put in work, no fitness
And to add to the sickness, my man's mum was a witness [Dickhead]


Fumez the Engineer
Huh, that's a fuming sound cline, just gotta
I just gotta close my eyes one sec

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