Big Sean – Full Circle
Genre Rap

Full Circle

Feat. Diddy, KeY Wane

Verse 1KeY Wane

Yeah, doin' doughnuts in the Porsche at the dealer
Listenin’ to Dilla
The Lord always made a way, yeah, that's my nigga
You used to drive the Honda Civic, nigga, I remember
I was being optimistic, I ain't have a pot to piss in
I was livin’ on my ex-girl couch, terrible
All my money kept goin' out
I ain't have enough to move, I felt like a vegetable
LIV, 2012, own your sectional
Damn, couple years later, I'm livin' exceptional
Spend thirty thousand, my Rollie came extra gold
Bitch ass niggas just mad I'm gettin' on

Verse 2Big Sean

Oh, oh, oh
Welcome to the terrordome
My, how my hair has grown
All I wanted was a Rollie and a 2Pac herringbone
Midwest kids, damn near all we used to hear was Bone
Two-family flat, mommy and aunt used to share a home
Boy, I rip your heart out and eat it while it's still beatin’ [Eat
For no real reason, just blame it on killing season
Circle of life, top of the food chain, my new chain a circle of ice
My name deservin’ of lights
"The smartest thing you could do is stop music and finish school"
[Woah] Gotta be the dumbest shit I ever heard in my life
If yesterday is a tomb [Tomb], then tomorrow is the womb [Womb
Waitin' on the Son of God ’cause he comin' back soon, hol' up
[Woah] Flashbacks of me dancin' in my living room was my first audition
Puff, Big, and Ma$e wavin’ gold bottles in the lenses like

InterludeDiddy & Big Sean

Never let me go, that's the worst feeling [Woah
I still love you like my first million
You got me hypnotized like the scene with Big and I, reverse wheelin' [Damn]

Verse 3Big Sean & Diddy

Ciroc boys, blue circle business, that's full circle [Yeah
Full circle like losin' friends from baggin' up yay to rappin' for Ye
Who dropped his first album, I was in the tenth grade
To ten years later, me droppin' a #1 the exact same day [Yeah, yeah
Swear everything comes full circle, dawg, you just gotta wait
Full circle like, listenin' to Big to growin' up, they callin' you Big
[Can you feel me?
Full circle like givin' your first Rolex to your first kid [Yeah
Full circle like exactly what the fuck karma is
Full circle like every single thing I ever did


Yeah, niggas don't even make shit like this no more, ahaha
Shit lost, it's-it's a lost motherfuckin' art
I want the people out there in the world to hear me, though
I don't do it alone

Verse 4Big Sean

Drop all that jealousy, that shit is gon' hurt you [Hurt you
Quit givin' energy to ones that don't deserve you [They don't deserve
You know everything come full circle
I just show love, watch it come full circle
And I could never let the bad vibes inside my circle, nah [Right now
And loyalty deserves you [Yeah
And tell the fuckin' truth even when it hurts to [Yeah-yeah
But the most money come before the first two [Straight
Don't worry, it'll come full circle [Yeah, look]


Took all the pain that I knew and made songs
When God said, "Let there be light," he made Sean

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