Fujiyon – 4DAMONEY
Genre Rap



"Enough Of This Shit Could Make You Invincible
Able To Conquer The World
Eviscerate Your Enemies"


Ride For The Money
See Your Life Go By For The Money
Think A Second
Breathing Just To Die Ain't It Funny
It's A Damn Bitch
Reaching For The Time When It's Running

So You Gotta
Tell Me If You Trust Me
Tell Me If You Love Me
Get It Off Your Chest Yeah
Lay It All To Rest Yeah

Verse 1

I'm Gonna Peak To The Death Of Me
I'm Tryna See What Is Meant For Me
God Imma Move So Aggressivеly
No Its No Test To Me Pleasе Do Not Speak To The Enemy
Mixing The Filthy With Fendi
My Girl Be Slippin In Fenty
I Put My Shit Through Her Panties
Then She Make The Food That She Get From The Pantry
My Stock At The Top Yeah Its Plenty
All The Jewels Imma Rock Will Be Plenty
Yeah I'm Talking To God Cause He Sent Me
We Gon Take Off Your Top With The Simmie
When We Move Through The Block You Can’t Hear Me
It Be Frozen My Watch Is Still Ticking
For The Money I Plot Its The Mission
All This Food For Your Thought Better Listen
You Gon Lose When You Lost In The Mischief
I'm In Tune With My Mind That’s The Difference
If You Move From Your Spot Bet We Dipping


Cause You Know I Gotta Get All That Money
So Imma Take All That Money
Imma Go Make All This Money
Then I Go Spend All That Money
I Just Might Resort To Gunning
So I Can Take All That Money
Tryna Get All Of This Money
Imma Go
Imma Go

Verse 2

Imma Go
Run Inside
It's The Devil In These Kids
Boutta Go And Risk Their Prime
For A Couple Hunnid Dollars And A Wrist That Glist
Why They Never Tell Him It'll Get Like This
Jiggin Off The Psilocybin
Chilling With Your Bitch We Vibing
Go Inside The Ride Full Throttle
I'll Be Layin Right Beside You
Gemini That Don't Switch Sides
I Be Looking Down The Colt 45
And It's Crazy It Can Blow My Mind
But Save Me All The Same Time
Where It Take Me If I Take Mine
Try To Play Me Have You See God
You Can Tell Him All Your Problems
While I Hope He See I'm Trying
Yeah I Been Trying
I Been Seeing Those Signs
Prints On The Screen They Blind
Drift Off The Street I'm Flying
Trip LSD I'm Flying [Aye
With All The Green In Mind [X2
Only Thing That Can Take My Life


"Its Just Money
Its Made Up [Only Thing That Can Take My Life
Pieces Of Paper So We Don’t Have To Kill Each Other"

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