Fuck the System – EL Bórgia
Genre Rap

Fuck the System

Y'all messing with the wrong guy with the wrong style
To mommy you go cry to mommy you go shy
I don't care what you carrying around
I don't like that fake smile
You better calm down or you better go run a mile
You getting scared with these f bombs
Afraid to end up in catacombs?
You looking for the mistakes like a fucking dog of mister detective Sherlock Holmes
Oh you say you the best at what you do?
You the world champion of peek a boo?
Yup you surely sound like a pussy
I should be so pushy
Ay I'm sorry
I didn't mean it it's my beast mode
If im rapping too hard if im going too far it's my beast mode
Can't control it it's automatic yeah so dramatic
Well if i go crush it if I go push it
I'm a fanatic ay
Damn you so cocky damn you so corny
What a crunchy combination
Watch out the salty salty detonation
Am I too spicy for you?
Am I too hot for your view?
Watch out I'm coming through you better hide your babyboo uh
Hide your shorty and yo side bitch
Not because I want to just preventing the mad hitch
And don't be a motherfucking snitch yeah
I know you mad I know you mad yeah I know you crazy
Dick riders clout chasers money hungry motherfuckers
It's the new zoo full of angry cocksuckers
Well fuck the system fuck them all
Just fuck off just back off
I gotta keep it true
I got shit to do

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