FTOS Twan – Shot Caller
Genre Rap

Shot Caller


Bitch, I'm tryna catch a homi'
Bitch, I'm tryna catch a homi'
Bitch, I'm tryna catch a homi'
Bitch, I'm tryna catch a homi' [Lorenz, don't stop]


Can't believe these niggas rappin' like me
Nigga, you can't be the best if you rappin'
Bitch, I'm ridin' through your section with my motherfuckin' heat
Nigga, if I see your ass out, then I'm hoppin' out on feet
I'ma spend it and get that shit back, I'm
I'm really turnt the fuck up, I don't know why y'all tryna
Spin down his block, hit his mans, he steady sayin' don't leave
This lil' nigga said he was killin' me, boy, we gon' see
Can't believe I'm tryna, yeah
Can't believe I'm beefin' with these lil' niggas and these niggas steady coppin' pleas
Bitch, if I hop out anywhere, I got that Glock on me
in thе studio, everybody, it's a pop on me
This nigga hеad gone, he tried to take the boys on a chase in a car on E
Oh, you want some zaz', nigga? Call nigga Low, he got a lot of weed
You see that red Scat comin' up the block, that's SRT
Talkin' ten bands, you ain't never had that, boy, that's— yeah
Boy, that's all cap
Caught him ridin' fishbowl, boy, I tried to knock off his bald cap
Oh, you ain't heard my old shit? Boy, I been on all that
Took a nigga's shit, this ain't Boyz n the Hood, go get your— yeah
What you call that?
Man, what the fuck you say? Nigga, pause that
Lord, give me strength, 'cause all these niggas all rats
Bitch, I really wrap niggas, I don't just rap
All these lil' niggas internet thugs, lil' nigga, I ain't into that
Pull up on his block, let some shots off, now everybody gettin' back
everybody bitch, everybody get a whack
Hangin' with the opps, no dyke bitch, but you better keep a strap
Man, these niggas can't fuck with me, lil' nigga, no hat
He was dead on arrival, nigga, do you hear that?
Two micros to that lil' nigga block, he fear that
Locked in in the booth, they like, "Twan, don't stop"
They tried to knock me down, but my grind don't stop
This nigga wanna link with top shotta 'cause known for hittin' tops
Bitch, my camp turned up, bitch, we run the city now
You ain't never hopped out on your opps and got busy, huh?
Bend blocks and pop opps, bitch, we got the whole city hot
Who the fuck is this nigga? Can't believe he brought a Smitty out
This lil' bitch turnt up, she pulled her titty out
I just looked up, I done caught an opp out and I brung my glizzy out
Everybody better sit back, I'm finna get to bustin', niggas get down
This lil' nigga tryna hop in the beef, nigga, sit down
'Cause when them shots get to firin', boy, you gon'— yeah
'Cause when them shots get to firin', boy, you can't move around [Lorenz, don't stop]

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