Harry Mack – Front Porch
Genre Rap

Front Porch

I'm about to kill the game everyone can trust me
I be carrying my weight like huskies
I be kicking more lyrics off the head
Til the day I'm dead, Ima pull my weight like a sled

Dog moving through the fog, I'm moving past ya
Yo my flow is cold, like huskies in Alaska
I'm coming off top with words
And my lyrics so pure, yall are soft like the fur

On a husky, I bust free. I kill shit just trust me
And theres no one in the world could adjust me
I trust myself. I do what I will
I come right off the top of the brain I always be feeling the skill

Can't no one stop me, I'm bout to get it most probably
I got the hot free. Yee but I bе iced like coffee
Harry Mack uh, you know I turn art up
I'm addictive likе iced coffee from starbucks

I be representing with a live crew
It's corona virus so I gotta hit the drive thru
Come off the tip, you know I'm spittin it nice
You know I'm pouring the coffee then Ima fill it with ice

It's waking me up I got the caffeine
Yo they loving my styles I be the rap fiend
I'm really killin this. Mack, they can't fuck with that
All my lyrics going over heads like a bucket hat

They think they hard, I think hardly
I'm in my bucket hat. I'm exploring the safari
All these lyrics that I kick, you know that they mean rare
Shout my girl in the yellow shirt with the green hair

Yo I get ill in the zone
Peace to my man on the other couch who films on the phone
I said, "How you doing?" She said, "Chillin, I'm just getting by
Sitting on my front porch in Ohio gettin high

Now I'm spittin fly, I'm here to demonstrate
Yo when it comes to rhymes I really innovate
Peace to my new friends yall my new people
I'm kickin ill bars while I'm rockin on Omegle

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