From The Ears Of The Eel – Escaping From Slow-Dooming Machine
Genre Industrial, Piano, Pop

Escaping From Slow-Dooming Machine

Feat. GUMI

Once again
Day after day
Your sadness is
The only blue here

Once again
But still the same
Three-legged crow
Will never come back

Day after day, it's still the same, cold and low
Day after day, nothing can change under this glow
One, two, three
They all stop here
Cause they afraid
To know that is there

If my mind equals to clear
And my senses close to real
Then it's nothing, but deception
Low existence imitation
Under modern lights and pressure
Cracking any hope for pleasure
Round and round, it's distortion
You or me? Templated version

If I still equal to love by
Energies, that pass through third eye
Then I feel high-body's rotting
And our souls are prone to burning
Round and round, in the rhythm
Working malice algorithm
Getting harder every second
Hide from all-consuming weapon

After all this times of demise I got it, one pure fact
Our suffering — unnatural, that means from start problem is
In this world, gray by design
Distress cluster is it's kind
But I know, Promised Land is
Waiting for us with all kindness

Save them all — my holy purpose
I will not let more to hurt us
Begone, tortures, all is over
See you, pleasure, love and no more

No more, no more, no more, no more
No more, no more, no more, no more
Don't deny, world is abnormal
Don't deny, world is abnormal
No more, no more, no more, no more
No more, no more, no more, no more
Listen carefully and follow
Listen carefully and follow

Don't, don't, don't you see?
We are all in
Slow-Dooming Machine
Just like old gears
Or, or even worse
Like white rab rats
We lead poor exist
While we can stand
Wait, wait, stay with me
We should stop it
Let out rotting limb
Why you laughing?

Coming, coming, coming closer
Coming, coming, coming closer
Run alone, they are all hopeless
Run alone, they are all hopeless
Coming, coming, coming closer
Coming, coming, coming closer
Open eye and get it over
Open eye and get it over

Hatchet helps immersing deeper
Other hand keeps hold a shears
X-mark soon become a flower
Repeat until reach shine number
All I thought, that I'm crazy
But it's yours minds total hazy
It's in words, third eye will shine
If you go ahead and die

One — my heartbeat getting faster
Minus step for blessing after
Two — my breathing getting quiet
While myself get much excited
Three — deep trance is my condition
Last line of world's opposition
Four — it hurts, cause I'm so happy
Soul is oozing, jar is empty

Acid tears
Reborn to lights
White ichor flow
Fills me ecstasy

Promised Land
Finally here
Eternal bless
For pure entropy

Fluttering, flying, sing free after silence
In spotlight of Godness, that being so proud
Suffering, falling and pain neverending
In machine of sorrow, so who's laughing at last?

Last of memories about
Miserable slaughterhouse
Take them all, just burn it down
Make me flutter in pure flow
All is over, but still worries
Something terrifying coming
Soon with me, but this is nonsense
Here is no reason to be nervous

Wait a minute, what is going?
All around melts and burning
Getting hard to feel, it's terror
Of the fall apart what am I
My exposure and forsaken
Made me did fatal mistaken
Now it's too late to change something
Goodbye world, hello, dark nothing

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