From the Bottom to the Top – Plies
Genre Rap

From the Bottom to the Top

DJ Drama

See, real niggas gon' appreciate this
Fuck niggas might not like it


From the bottom to the motherfucking top, bruh
A nigga told me, bruh
They heard it was lonely at the top, bruh
And I told that nigga like a nigga told me, dog:
"You must ain't never been at the motherfucking bottom before, bruh
'Cause that shit down there slimy, dog"
Dog, for every nigga that done made it in this shit, bruh
It's a lot come with it, dog
Niggas would love to kill you for your motherfucking success, bruh
Success that you went out and grind for, dog
But at the same time, bruh, that same success
Is niggas that's willing to die for you, dog
Everything in life, bruh, that pay good, dog
Comes with a whole lot of motherfucking consequences, bruh
And I'd rather a nigga kill me, dog, because I'm somebody, bruh
Than a nigga kill me, dog, and I ain't have shit
Believe it, nigga

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