Free Smoke – Cashleaders
Genre Rap

Free Smoke

Verse 1Mediumjay

Catch plays like oh-one-three
Right rhymes with OCD
Party hard like ODB
Drugs I get that's OTC
Nickname is M-E-D
Shine brighter than L-E-D
Ball harder than 23
Shoes on the wire, I'm sellin b
My diamonds are shining
My mind is still gridin'
Call me your highness
My party's are private
You wanna meet me
Then you'll need an appointment
Diamonds are dancing waitin' for you to join in
Cuban link
I see gold when I blink
Pretty sure diamonds will sink
Fuck it, I'll drown in some mink
Aye she callin' to pop in
I hop out the whip
Hollerin bout niggas who don't give a shit
She let her guard down as soon as I hit
Put a seat on my face tell her come take a sit
Rich young nigga with asshole tendеncies
Henny is the rеmedy, by any means necessary
Niggas fall off like leprosy
Fake bitches be the death of me
She step to me I step on knees
Thank you Stephanie
Only chill with you cause

Free smoke, free smoke

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