Happy Fathers Day lyrics


The Def-Tape Vol. 1

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May 2, 2013

Happy Fathers Day lyrics

Verse 1
Came home from the hospital to face facts
Nothin’ in that place but tap water and stale Jatz
Dad beat mum, then he hit the road
Did he wanna see his son? Guess he didn’t know
That was years ago, now that time is lost
Faded thoughts, recollections of him drivin’ off
Probably much more that I feel I forgot
Tryna figure what is dreams, what is real or not
Made it to a team, tryna eat for scams
And mum made enough to teach you how to be a man
Workin’ for the rent, with no child support
Runnin’ wild, found myself a juvenile in court
And I ain’t upset, but it’s hard to picture
Was I better or worse without a father figure?
But whatever it is, it’s kinda hard to say
Either way, I wanna wish you happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day
Happy Father’s Day
Happy Father’s Day
Happy Father’s Day

Verse 2
At least I won’t fuckin’ cry when he’s dead
No wise swellin’ up over time that we spent
No lie to tell the cunt to keep an eye out for Fort
‘Cause if we catchin’ up, he owin’ me like fifty G in child support
Wonder if I’m fuckin’ makin’ him proud
When I couldn’t even pick his fuckin’ face from a crowd
Wouldn’t even recognise him if he passed in the street
But through my body, pump his blood, through my heart when it beat
What a weak cunt, couldn’t even raise his son
Never heard my first words, probably wasted and drunk
Never saw my first step, he was steppin’ himself
Not bein’ there didn’t hurt, but do you reckon it helped? Huh?
I guess you ain’t gonna miss what you never had
So there ain’t no point in me gettin’ mad
Won’t cry, only laugh at it, hey
But I can’t help but wish that fuckin’ bitch happy Father’s Day

Fortay – Happy Fathers Day

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