Foreign Forest – Maybe Next Time
Genre Rap

Maybe Next Time

Foreign Forest

Maybe Next Time, maybe next time
Maybe then I'll say hi
It's 'cause I'm usually too high

Can't get myself to say hello but I want to
I'm on the edge about to fall into my own doom
Pull me out, I'm hoping that you make the first move
You've spent some time up in my head feels like I know you
If not maybe next time
I'll have the words to say to make you change your mind
Yeah, yeah wouldn't that be fine
But I need to love myself in the mean time


Usually too high
To come to tеrms with the issues laying on my mind
I'm gonna do fine
That's what I tеll myself while sippin' cups of red wine
You'll never be mine
That's what I tell myself so I can get some sleep at night
Don't need a valentine
Things are changing love myself in the meantime

Corey Slabs

Gone off the gas, butane
Going fast just like bruce wayne
In the coupe, I'm like who say
I can do what I want today
Cocaine, all night long
Got a black bitch, in a white thong
In the limelight but it won't last long
She give me top so I shout her out in my song
Bury me with all my ice on
Babygirl do what I want
Swear that I'm gone

Foreign Forest

Yeah yeah maybe next time
Maybe next time
Maybe then I'll say hi
It's 'cause I'm usually too high

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