For The Southside – Sauce Walka
Genre Rap

For The Southside


[Say bro he’s got it
[ splash me
[Know what I’m talm’ bout
[We gonna do this one for the Southside for real though, Oowee, on sauce]

Verse 1Sauce Walka

Homicide, genocide, switching sides
What happen to the days where them young niggas we’re still civilized
Where you could box your enemies from school before or after nine
Nowadays you punch a nigga, he shoot yo ass nine times
Family cryin’, mama cryin’, daddy cryin’
A stray bullet went through the grass and killed they line
What a time to be alive, ain’t it
But some many kids got guns instead of fighting, they lief yo first law and paid it
It’s funny how a bone can turn a man to dog ain’t it
Funny how some bread can make a Queen from a frog ain’t it
Funny how some times can make a snitch from a boss baby
This game will have loss baby, no navigation across baby
Whatcha know about living without no ceiling in yo house baby
Forty-percent gone’ rain leaking on yo couch baby
Every time it’s cold, oven heating up the house baby
AC unit been broke, it ain’t no fixing up this house baby
I borrowed hope [borrowed hope], used to lay and sleep in bags at the store hope [ hope
Now I’m in Miami bowing boats
$7,000 for my, peach cobbler, foreign smokes
How I did I clean in these streets without a bar of soap
I hope you got the joke [oowee]

Verse 2Junebug

[Yeah, look
Know I’m, nigga I’m so Houston fasho, I keep a rocket [bow
Bad bitch, squeezing the drip, I’m about to knock ha’
She know ain’t nothing of mine, makin‘ a move unless a profit [yessir
Southside of Houston, Texas [Texas], Black white
Young nigga grindin’, bought a necklace [Ghetto
homies got mad, wanna test him, he felt bad he ain’t want to do it, ah man, he had to stretch him [Ahh man
We got all kinds drugs on the market [Market], youngin itchin’ for a target [Ba
Tryna scoot up like they Lou and they gonna park him
All this pain got me making bad choices [Choices], I was raised with a heartless [Heartless], do all they dirty work in the darkness [Ghetto
Watch where you steppin’ round here [Here], you ain’t family, you ain’t gang, watch what you reppin’ around here [Who are you?
People ran in the spot, somebody telling around here [Wow
Know fasho I copped a nine, I got eleven outta here
Gotta stretch around here
I’m trying to make the ghetto great, got to fix a better plate and elevate [Fasho
I’m trying to make a new plan a better way, I’m tryna step into whole better day
Say we grinding and getting money, we ain’t worried about what a hater gotta say [Ghetto]

Verse 3Yung Ruler

You know we used to pray for better days, like God take the pain away [Pain away
Ghetto Gospel, at the table with Mobsters
Yeah I’ma top shotta [shotta], full fledge with the choppa [Boom
If I miss, you know Bug, he gonna spot em [Ghetto
And I swear I really prayed for this shit [I did], like Lucci man, a nigga really made for this shit [Made for this shit
On that block, man I swear I used to slave for that shit
Have to grind for every dollar, a nigga never gave me shit [Never gave me shit nigga
[Yeah], You see this, grew up in a broken home, momma she left us all alone [All alone
What a call home, I used to use the pay phone [Damn
Seen so much shit make a nigga fold and they wonder why my heart cold, I lost my nigga it turnt my heart froze

OutroSauce Walka

[Owwee, Splash
This shit history nigga [Splash
Some of you ain’t never seen this before
They said we don’t fuck with each other in the city mane
Southside [We started Screw
[They said the niggas in the H, don’t hold each other down mane
SouthPark, South West, 3rd Ward, 2019 like they did it in 95’, 99 [That, We ain’t trying to hear none of that shit no more, that shit dead
No what I’m sayin, this what the city need, what these people gotta see
[Get this money nigga
[Spill me
[Get this money nigga
We gotta keep the apples by the tree
[Ya spill me
You know what I’m saying
We gotta put 4s back on the foreigns [Wassup Mo City] [Oowee
We got to make these sleep ass motherfuckas stop snorin’, know what I’m saying
We all know how.. what what the world really knowing [H Town
Y’all know [???], we the reason y’all touring nigga [Texas
Ya hear me, Sauce Gotti nigga [No outsiders
Switch the Benz to the Maserati to the Maybach, put the 4s on there with the Bentley, all that nigga, the Ghetto, to the South West, the Yung Ruler, Jurrasic, to the whole South East of Houston, Y’all niggas bout [???
[Sheezy, PJ, Tray Tray, Lou,, , PJ, Mario, know what I’m saying
Southside [fades out]

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