Flex @ Night – Soncap
Genre Pop

Flex @ Night

Was I supposed to be sad or something
Or get mad or something
These days I don't ask for nothing
I'm glad you gone
Cuz we moved slow for nothing
But you don't owe me nothing
I got hoes in ATL and I got hoes in London
I got hoes in MIA and all my niggas bussin
We can't find you at your crib then we gon get your cousin

Gas in a wood wake me up man
I'm high as fuck man
Used to think too much, can't think enough man
Serve a nigga up like a lunch man
Fredo in the cut I wanna stunt man
I don't need that bitch I need a blunt damn
I'm gassed up crggazy that's enough said
Chase bands and face grams I'm a space man
Tony Hawk how I’m grinding on the pavement
Got a bad bitch and I don't even know her name yet
Text hеr number but I don't have the shit savеd yet
Too gone too ggstoned damn I'm brain dead
As a side note girl I don't really want a main yet
We could kick shit like Bruce lee I'm a black belt
Drop flames like the pack fell
Imma cash out once the tracks sell
Put my niggas on like a boss do
Real niggas make boss moves
Young nigga on his pimp shit
Good brain she's gifted
Went missing had to grow on em
Gassed up had to glo on em
Wrist warm throw snow on it
Had to let the bitch know about me

I can't wife a bitch
Got the magic touch but I don't like to play with tricks
Ain't got time for fuck niggas I don't play with kids
I don't babysit
Broward County
Where I live
Nigga shut the fuck up
Your bitch rolled my blunt up
Your bitch rolled my wood
Wish a nigga would
I'm misunderstood
But I'm here for good
Watch me flex at night
She tryna text at night
Text your ex at night
I think she want some sex tonight
Bet I’m smelling right
Im cooling up in paradise
Put my future on the line and that’s a sacrifice
I can’t talk to her if she ain't acting right
I can’t show no love or give her bragging rights
I can’t show no love until my cash is right
Until the money coming in just as fast as light
And if I’m running up a check you’re just a parasite
Tryna poke at me
Tryna suck me up
Tryna suck me dry
I don’t have time for her
I wouldn’t lie to her
I wouldn’t ride for her
I wouldn’t die for her
So I’m not signing up

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