Flee Lord – Line Stay Buzzin'
Genre Rap

Line Stay Buzzin'


I had to light this
That's why I asked you to bring it back
Okay, okay
Okay, okay


Started on the staircase, now we needing air space [Uh huh
If I wasn't rapping, I'd be robbing niggas bare face
Struggle after struggle, I bubble till I double [Till I double
Recorded by the law, I'm on shit but I'm humble
Griselda gave me light, now I'm taking flight
Twelve drops, twelve months I ain't selling [Uh huh
Kids eating, Ain't no crib leaving
Gotta hold the conference call, if we need a big meeting
COVID tried to stop us, at low I would
Send the stress in my direction and I'd go inside my pockets
Still blowing on the baccy, all these hoes don't attract me
When that real bag drop, I'm a open up a factory
Fly neighbours, vibing, getting high than a skyscraper

Sipping Pellegrino, with my niggas selling kilos
Some niggas got, all different ghetto people
Eating rare ices, but I'm sitting in the sun

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