fl.vco – Gawgawk
Genre Rap


Feat. Swami Uchiha

IntroSwami Uchiha

I ain't even finna pick up the phone unless the plug callin'
I ain't even gonna lie to you [Fony Wallace, bitch!
Like deadass, like for real, for real
Yuh, fucks, fuck

Verse OneSwami Uchiha

I just sold a big crack rock, that's on my momma
Damn, I hope that I'm not causin' no drama
Xans got me 99 problems, smoking Zaza
Choppa at a pussy nigga feet, he gon dance for
I just walked inside of the bank
Make deposits all night and day
Pockets so fat, that's why yo' bitch wanna come chase
Took her knees straight out the
Don't want don't do the chase
I just copped me an opp, he tried to run away
I just shot me an opp nigga, in his face
Had to keep it brief, 'cus Lil' Swami ain't tryna catch a case
I just bought a whole lotta Trojan, made 'еm evaporate

Verse Twofl.vco

I just walk in
Hi bust it out and the niggas all startеd fallen
I'm a goblin
Handle the battle until I off him
Like a Martian
Keep all the drugs up in the apartment
Walking like a zombie
Out in Broward, I'm wit Swami
Keep the pistol on me
Fuck you think you thotty
Another body for Mojo Jojo
I suppose it was bozo bruiser
Wit bad intentions
An I'm sick of the mentions so bullet
Hold back, killed for the fun for of it
How’s that my fault?


Broward County, the song's done

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