Fireflies – Melancholy machines
Genre Pop


Verse 1

Fireflies in the night
Raise a light in the sky
We can stay right here
Watch them soar in the air

Verse 2

Write a story about water
Give it love, give it to your daughters
Let them grow to be strong
When they’re older, they can sing this song

Verse 3

Fireflies in the flowers
Crimson clouds in the distant mountains
We can make a boat, sail across the river
Hands intertwine and our eyes glimmer

Verse 4

And when the night returns to day
I wonder what wе will say
Reminisce about what our eyеs
Encountered with the fireflies


I don't know what else to say to you
I feel like I've said everything before
There's nothing new to create
We've run out of love
But there's that spark that keeps us back together
We're just like fireflies, you know?

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