FG4L BloodHound – Ricky Big Nuts ft. Simone
Genre Country

Ricky Big Nuts ft. Simone

Feat. Simone

Intro] Bloodhound

And shoutout to Tennessee
And to all my hometown buddies, who helped make this possible
Ya' know, I put a lot of heart into this song


Went to the bar, with a couple of guys
We had some drinks and smoked cigars
We were headin' home when we rolled the car
My buddy Rickie, lost his arm

Boy that man had country charm
We left from there and went to his farm
We laid him down, where he later died
Now we visit that site every Friday night
We pour a cold beer out for our mans
Wе will never forget him and his onе night stands


Me and my buddy Max Ferrin drive big trucks
Ridin' down the highway and we gave no fucks
Drinkin' some beers while we were fishin'
Playin' with my dog while he gives me a lickin'
All I want to see is Ricky's pretty face
Washed up boots won't win me this race
Midnight drivin' is my favorite thing
Hangin' with my wife make me wanna sing
Bride so pretty like the dead of night
I can't get her out of my sight
Pack up my things and we move out west
We got a nice house and we set up our nest
We got a nice pond for our kids to go fishing
Act like Tom Brady givin' my kids a kissin'
Sippin' some beers on a Friday night
I can't get Ricky, out of my sight

Ricky was so dear to me
We planted a big tree for him to see
That Friday night I can't forget
Every time I think about it, it gets me wet


The night before I spoke to him
We talked about his wife and kids


That night, Ricky, had told me, he would never leave em'
And I said, bullshit
, [Outro]

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