Fauxjack Horseman – Episode 13 - Downer Ending
Genre Meme Rap, Rap

Episode 13 - Downer Ending

Trying to get up out this chair like I'm chawls xavier
I'm not a fucking role model, don't expect my behavior
To be some Christ pose Messiah, if you're looking for saviors
I'm that ice cold dick killah, chill and enslave ya
.... Holy smokes and jeepers creepers
Wanna cast out the devil's, let some preacher beat ya
On some wolfsbane rage as I unleash the creature
On that lash out, crashed out, blink, repeaters
… In a Faraday cage stuck in a parable
Cell service spotty now and еverything's terrible
Is this a simulation or am I stuck in thе terrordome
Comparably enough boy the merch is still wearable
Can't be the live laugh love that you want me to be
I'm more the fight fuck flee, world's monstrosity
[Curl] to the fetal as you swirl and yr hurting to breathe
Into another downer ending swallowed up by the sea
… Takes you back to "become the ocean"
Tabbed out, plastered, "make a choice" but frozen
Memories intact but the acts unspoken
Broken fingernails as I'm dragged and soaking
That was the first time I ever considered it
But I couldn't see the ending like a drunken illiterate
Spirited away by the gods of embitterment
To a cinder block promenade, that's where my dinner went
[Was it] time for the forever box, was I a good meme
[No] yr just a narcissistic comet forever targeting good genes
What makes you think that you're deserving, why the marketing should scream
I don't really have an answer and I know that it should seem
… Only slightly but counterintuitive
No matter what I say, prolly all misconstruing it
Fluid dynamics of the narrative futilist
Paradigm dystopian, saccharine Eucharist
You'll hear some different versions, my ones the absurdist
Heard you're digging up dirt, "poor Yorick I'm sure it's"
Just a grapevine dateline whorish emergence
Of those seventeen minutes where you thought you were worthless
I'm in a goldfish bowl and it's full of piranhas
All foaming at the mouth at the smell of the drama
Power levels rise like a kameha' they wanna
Cancel Fauxjack hashtag him and bomb ya

It's just survivors guilt and confirmation biases
C beams off Orion and a full supply of Vicodins
Ride the high with me until we've used up our alliances
And die inside the mountain where we isolate in silence, it's
The lies confided in a tiny web of secrecy
Peak like maggot beach where the dilated eyes are frequently
Flickering like the ghost light in some haunted local theater scene
Invincible defeat until I free the battle beast in me
Italian Maple ain't tougher than this beat
Obsessed with my own failure like Tarantino and bitch feet
Fetishising sadness, padding out the script is no small feat
While I just keep talking so you think that I'm stalling
So here we are, I told you they were misadventures
Severed nerves've got me dead inside as Jonas Venture
Indentured servitude got me nervous it may get me censured
There's always an escape clause, even if it's not the one the heaven's sent ya
It seems that as of lately, my tapestry's unraveling
Maybe save up for a Babel fish, one day do some traveling
Babbling wit a baphomet, straggler with the brassest ring
Exactly like I called it, downer ending so bedazzling

In the barrens while the lunar paints the ground below
Found it in the sewers, glimpse the deadlights, a resounding glow
Karen's with some picket signs all fuming as the sound it grows
Louder in my head, self trepanning better take it slow
Had something witty and sardonic but I lost it
Staring at Gamora and she's asking what it cost me
Everything it seems, still have to calculate the process
"You'll have to wait for season 2" I say while slippin to subconscious
So there it is, we leave you on a downer ending
You read the tracklist, got prepared, it's time to stop pretending
Didn't get get the point like it's campington, I fall projecting
All my faults upon the stars and crawling from all my imperfections

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