Fauves, The – Yo-Yo Craze
Genre Rock

Yo-Yo Craze

Hula hoops and Rubik's Cubes
The playing deck was mine
Sat down at the table
But Fate dealt 4 instead of 5
You played with my heart like a footy card
That you wanted to swap
I looked right through you with my X-ray glasses
In the end everything passes

Now I'm feeling sorry for myself again
Gone from your life like a yo-yo craze
I was nothing more than a passing phase
Learnt to walk the dog then you threw me away

Remember the night when the Sea Monkeys died
We thrеw all the water and the bowl outsidе
Now tonight I'm lonely, I could use the company
Just like a kite on a windy day
You let me go and I flew away
Bouncing here on the trampoline
Ooh the rusty springs are laughin

Now I'm feeling sorry for myself again...

You don't know how much you hurt me
And like a handprint on a Hypercolour shirt
My psyche wears your fingerprints
They're looking for a match down at forensics
Time moves on and the people are gone
The wind is cold and the days are long
Everything else might have changed too
But in the end I still love you
Now I'm feeling sorry for myself again...

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