Esztékás Szemlélet lyrics
(English Translation)



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December 24, 2009

Esztékás Szemlélet lyrics
(English Translation)


Déjà vu for me, but, for you and Vinz
I'll be bitten by your rapping bass like Killa feat
Here is the sucking protocol, rap from Sokol
You will suck my stick because I'll have koton
This sarcastic attitude is so unconscious That my mind stops, dude, don't take it down
Look at you, the food is brought in like
The mother of the one who bounces will be fingered Because my will reaches farther than the atom
The roadshow will be cheap, buy my dick
You are afraid that life will bite you big Even if you fish, you won't catch the goldfish They beat the child, wash his mouth Erotica, my rap, the chick is my dick's catch
Come here to me, I'll selectively attack
Here are the SCALES, yo
Here we caused a short circuit
At the same time, my brother, plan B is flying by I'm shit on the rapped, kayak about a meter
In order to enter the tunnel, take a look at the camera
Outside at the lake, the boat goes to its gate
You will get the battery for pain If your rap runs out, charge your battery
This will be sharp, I know you've my file
Those who started with us failed a long time ago

The Fattyús are here, but tell me what's up with you
Don't you believe that our rap made it onto TV You don't watch TV, you're just a cube with a big frame
If you don't know the spaces, they'll make you disappear with a find
But even though they demonstrated in vain, many people were punished We are honored, the letters V and C have become the capitals
It's not a toilet, but believe me, I'll screw you up, man
From what I leave behind me The spans will follow us, you'll get a belt
Because I've confirmed that we're a pack, I'm tightening my belt It's old for you, the text is a little noisy
Like the cloth on my penis, the little one spins in your mouth
Here's 7-O-M, 1K is Cash, smear your mouths and don't pick whores, yo
This is old Tatabánya, so it's from there Because you realize how much money you have, the company will taste it

The lyrics will be improved in a few weeks

Fattyúk – Esztékás Szemlélet (English Translation)

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