Fat Trel, Young Moe – Look in My Eyes
Genre Rap, Trap

Look in My Eyes

IntroFat Trel

Young Lan on the track
Woah, uh
She look in my eyes
Bitch, look in my eyes
Yeah, hahahah
Yeah, look

Verse 1Fat Trel

I just took a soul plane with a couple gold chains
And some pretty white bitches, like to sniff up cocaine
I can barely maintain, I'ma need a new lane
I been shittin' on these niggas, I resemble blue plane
Chopper with a scope, I ain't comin' close range
Like, I made enough change, I got pussy on the brain
I could trap 'em for the snow, and the fog, I blow
And he did it for the low, I could get it in the rain
A hundred on the line, and a hundred in the nine
All these, runnin' out of time, I got money on the mind
know I wasn't lyin' 'cause I do it all the time
I'll rob a pussy nigga, like, "You too kind"
When we move in the light, nigga, you don't see the life
Nigga, you don't see the ice? Nigga must be blind
Movin' to the right, got your boo on a flight
Put the move on your wife when she look in my eyes
Got bitches on the jet, and I did it just to flex
I get the pussy wet, she gon' give me all the neck
Hit the city, make a bet, I'ma count me up a check
Fuck around and take a nap, make her go and count the rest
I'ma spend it at the mall, I'ma spend it on my dog
I'ma purchase all the lean, tell her she can have the rest
Nigga, I don't give a fuck, we just really live it up
Got the semi in the cut, got my finger in her butt
And my fully on tuck, wish a nigga would touch
I'll pull it out the bag, I'll blow this bitch up
'Bout to stunt just to brag, I really did enough
I done fucked the whole city, I don't really want much
I'm silly in the mind, nigga, gimme your mind
Nigga, Remmy all the time, drinkin' Henny all the time
Real dope, like pine, nigga, bitch drink wine
She say, "Gimme that dick," I'ma put it in her spine
I'll clear the whole room out, ow, whose house?
Walk in with the broom out, jail house
Fuck around, let the fool out [Grr
First night, homicide, with the tool out [Graw, boom, bow
Pull up like, "Who, nigga?" [Who?
You, nigga? Paperwork, is it true, nigga? [Nah
Ooh, nigga, that's some shit that we don't do, nigga [At all
I might fuck around and spray the whole crew, nigga [Blaw, blaw
True, nigga

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