Faith of the Parasite – Extirpation
Genre Rock

Faith of the Parasite

Sleazy creatures
Attached only by lust
From taking some kind of personal gain
Of a zero real value

Shallowness has the command
An undertow of vital lymph
A necessary food
A dependence on this hunger
An endless greed
Like they were indoctrinated to a faith in parasitism

Reigns the prosaic untruth
Everything is ordinary, no one oppose
Unaware, they will run out of the resurces
By giving birth to brand new specimens

Fallen, in the abyss of solitude
In thе depression of having nothing more
In thе realization that they never had anything

Supporting the wight of not their own experince
A constant overdose of information
Everyone considers themselves innovative
Trapped in an easy coward survival

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