Fail Back – Levigne
Genre Rap

Fail Back


Undocumented faces, pop you in the basement
Opulent arrangement, coffin, a derangement
Spots you can't erase, embodies hate
Escapement, pace the plot, drop, tenacious
Not able to stop, brakes fail
Pale compared to lake shop, bass drop
Fallen angel that I can't gaze in the eyes
So ugly, its gorgeous - so hideous, it's spotted demise
Recoding your lives, while simultaneously
Stabbing a knifе into your spine with no regrets, dеbts, or panicking over time
No anakin over time, night spanning from holding lives
To the dark side collapsing the light without knowing why
I'm cold despite being next to a golden light
Warmth inside fled, was too desperate to hold it tight
My axioms are abyssal, lessons taught scholastically
Archaic book toss, respond to the pissed sarcastically
Swear elastic pair of spastics snap to squares in mastery
Of pulling back the hair and clapping shots that rain in drastically
Assimilate, kill or be killed, build your fate
Man made produce stopped to mill through tape
Pasty white ignites shit pale, insinuate
Hit squad ball 'bout to penetrate
Knock em down, pa, chop block of sounds lost
Cock the rounds, shot round the block
Mock renowned flocks, wow
Locks bunched up, spot the louse, crawl
Legs sprawled, rotten, saw the brown off
Rail facts, grindstone wit' riding Crail blacks
Spun for a loop, hawk glare, need your prayers back
Dog, help, M16s by the spare pack
Or outmatched, outgunned, outskilled, fail back

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