Eyzeyah – Grave sites
Genre Rap

Grave sites

Verse 1
All this hot pressure gon hit em, all this hot pressure gon get em [wuh uh, uhhh] i just came from pakistan shooting out bricks in the trap. i dont need hoes i dont need love [uhhhh, uh] only do drugs while in chanel, couldn't fit her back in my day?

Verse 2
I be ringing them bells like im yeat, [yeaaaat] i be facing a wood like im keef [chief] im making a move i write on the sheet. you must got balls you notbetter than me [meeeee!] i'll take ya heart so come out ya jeans, he want smoke i leave it a scene im not afraid im heaven-sent, ya first week sales can't even compete, injected with keth, meth, lean, and jet. She kissed on my lip for the green [$]

He got put on a post [2x]

Verse 3
Came with a chopstick pick ya man up, im a bad man please ask puff. Incredible flow you cannot bide up! He died at 13 that was my bro [cartia] i do it for gang its not my thang, scratching my back tryna settle my pain. trash vision but i got aim you a grown a*s man you still in this game
Verse 4
Ya body gon drop like the rain, ya mans got popped like a pill, this school wack i see junkies [druggy] I see a op i send em to god, you niggas is rats i put you in vod [twitch] stay in ya place you get layed in the grave

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