Extortionist – Dead Ends

Dead Ends

I'll never be like you [2x]

Murdering my self day by day
With the help of being put on the shelf
By fake friends
You can all burn in Hell [2x]

Why can't you fucking see
All of the things that you're doing to me?
You carried me out just to leave me to bleed
Leave me to bleed

A broken home surrounds me
Broken bones
Left here to fucking bleed
Why can't you see what you are doing to me?
Doing to me

Nothing ever stays in the end
Nothing stays
Nothing stays in the end
I'm always swayed by my "friends"
Fuck you for leaving me in this dead end

Where the fuck were you
When I fell to the ground?
I was always there for you
But you were no where to be found
Nothing ever stays in the end
My life is slipping away
Nothing ever stays in the end
Everything I've loved has faded away


I put all my fucking trust in you
Nothing left but a knife in my back I'm fucking through with you
I will never be like you
I promised myself that I'd never fucking be like you

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