Evilmiku – DEADLY
Genre Pop


Feat. Nokerb, Iissaa, JROLLI

My life’s a rodeo
Drifting in tokyo
Girl i’m no romeo
She said te odio
Keep looking down on me
They think i’m sound asleep
I’m biting off my leash
Mind if i take the lead

@nokerbforever :
Burning these bridges
I look at these stitches
Baby u threw me in that pit
And left me bleeding
Looking around me
But there's nobody with me
I cannot see anyone
Cause they all think im crazy
Everybody around me
They're so toxic
Think i should've left
Before it got this bad
I cannot ever understand
The way how people thinking
Think im going crazy
Why am i left here?
@oragammi :
So deadlyyy [x2
Iissaa in the stu you know we coming thru
NOKERB got the pounds
Miku got the sound
Dont ask for me bich i ain't coming round
Took to many shots now im bout to hit the ground
Feeling like im gonna drownnn
Bullets they goin give you hell
Bitch so wish me well
I will never fail
Gotta tell the truth bitch i gotta be for real

I’m so overwhelmed
I don’t know myself
I’m screaming crying for help
Everyone’s giving me hell
Fuck you i’m not gonna stop
Until i’m taking ur spot
I’ll fight my way to the top
Move bitch i’m taking my shot
I wanna tear y’all apart
My teeth are ready and sharp
I used to wanna restart
But i set flames to my heart
@01iissaa :
I try my best but i don’t know where to go from here
Tell me why everything’s gone but i still don’t want disappear
Is it all the same
Don’t know what to say
Tell you one thing
I won’t go away
Left me to decay
And go the other way
Everything changed
But i’m goin’ remain
Going way too fast for you
It’s not gonna last wit you
Tell me what’s in the past for you
This time i had enough

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